Elderly woman welcoming her family - son and granddaughter in the garden of the nursing home.
20 June 2015

4 Reasons to Choose In-Home Care

Elderly woman welcoming her family - son and granddaughter in the garden of the nursing home.Your parent, grandparent, or other elderly loved one may need extra care or assistance as they get older. Before this time comes, you and any involved family members will have to make a decision about the type of care that is best for your loved one.

The three basic options for elderly care are in-home care, an assisted living facility, or care provided by a family member or other loved one. The type of care that works best for your loved one and family may be any one of these. For example, if your loved one has extensive medical needs, they may be best off in an assisted living facility.

For a large majority of seniors and their families, though, in-home care is the best option. In-home care provides benefits for your loved one and your whole family. Your loved one will be able to age in place, comfortably and safely. Here are 4 reasons to choose in-home care for your elderly loved one.

1. Cost Effective

The cost of in-home care will vary based on where you live and which company you choose. Generally, in-home care services are less expensive than assisted living facilities. This is because all you’re paying for is the specialized care and companionship, rather than for care + room and board.

Another cost-effective quality of in-home care is the flexibility of the care. Instead of paying for services every day of the year, you only pay for the assistance your loved one needs. You can pay by the hour, day, or month, choosing only certain days during the week or certain hours during the day.

2. Dignity and Independence

Often times, seniors view having to live in an assisted living facility as giving up their dignity and independence. Seniors value these qualities as they age and want to maintain them for as long as possible. With in-home care, seniors have the freedom to age in place and receive any care they need from the comfort of their own homes.

3. A Higher Quality of Life

While in an assisted living facility, your loved one may be looked after by many different staff members. Additionally, these staff members likely have many other seniors to care for. This makes it hard to know who is taking care of your loved one and whether or not they are receiving the attention they need.

With in-home care, you and your loved one get to choose the right caregiver(s) for their needs. You’ll know exactly who is with your loved one at all times and can breathe, knowing that your loved one is cared for at all times.

In-home care is also more customizable than assisted living. A caregiver may be able to provide help with household chores, companionship, meal preparation, personal care, and more.

4. Safety and Security

With in-home care, you know exactly who is with your loved one at all times. Only you, the caregiver, and your loved one can control who has access to your loved one’s home at all times. Additionally, with fewer people around, your loved one will have less of a chance of getting sick from other seniors or unpredictable factors.

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