Elderly sick woman resting in bed
20 August 2015

4 Reasons Why 24 Hour Home Care is Better Than Assisted Living

Elderly sick woman resting in bedIf your loved one does need around-the-clock care, their two best options are an assisted living facility or 24 hour home care. Either of these may be ideal for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia, who need more specialized care and attention. Seniors who need personal care assistance during the night, seniors with mobility issues, or those who are prone to wandering can benefit from around-the-clock care as well.

How do you choose between assisted living and 24 hour home care? Here are four reasons why 24 hour home care is the better choice:

1. More Personal—At an assisted living facility, your loved one is cared for by nurses and caregivers who have to divide their time among all the other seniors. With 24 hour home care, your loved one is the top (and only) priority. If they need someone to talk to or assistance with anything, their caregiver is there to provide them with the personal attention they need. We believe in bringing the human element back to human care services. With 24 hour home care, your loved one is treated as a human, rather than a bed in a facility.

2. More Comfortable—If given the choice, many seniors would rather age in place, in the comfort of their own homes. Especially for those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia, it can be extremely comforting to be surrounded by the familiar every day. With 24 hour home care, your loved one can sleep in their own bed, relax in their own backyard, and spend their time however they please.

3. Safer and More Secure—Assisted living facilities may be filled with people all day long. These may include staff members, other seniors, and visitors. Your loved one may not have a lock on their door and may be surrounded by strangers at any given time. 24 hour home care can provide you and your loved one with the safety and security you value. Only your loved one and their caregiver will be able to control who comes in and out of the home. You’ll be able to know who is there at any given time and that your loved one is cared for.

4. More Cost Effective—The costs of an assisted living facility include room and board, care, and other expenses. While these are nice amenities, the costs can add up quickly. The only thing you’re paying for with 24 hour home care is personalized, quality care and attention. They’ll have the added bonus of getting to eat whatever food they choose, sleep in their own bed, and more. *If your loved one needs more than 10 hours of care each day, it will be more cost effective to choose 24 hour home care as well.

If 24 hour home care seems like the right choice for your family, we would love to help. Click below to learn more about our 24 hour home care services. Contact us to set up a consultation so we can get to know you and your loved one.


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