Woman Playing a Game with Her Caregiver
20 April 2016

Engaging In-Home Care Activities for Seniors

Woman Playing a Game with Her CaregiverSeniors’ minds and bodies need to stay engaged, especially during the later years of their lives. If you are a family caregiver, it’s important that you find activities that both you and your loved one can enjoy doing together. It can become boring if you are always attached to the same schedule or only do the same activities over and over, find ways of changing your activities every once in a while.

5 Enjoyable In-Home Care Activities

These are simple yet enjoyable activities you can do with your loved one during in-home care.

1. Puzzles and Board Games

Simple jigsaw puzzles and board games can be fun for seniors. These activities help to maintain cognitive and motor skills. Smaller pieces can be difficult for some seniors to handle, so make sure that you find puzzles and games with slightly larger pieces.

2. Baking and Cooking

Baking and cooking are activities that engage all of our senses, and it can be fun for seniors to participate in. While some seniors who have slight impairments may not be able to do everything involved in baking and cooking, they may be able to do simple things such as measuring ingredients or stirring ingredients together before they are baked or cooked.

3. Crafts & Hobbies

Just like puzzles and board games, crafts keep seniors minds and hands engaged. If your loved one already has a hobby that they enjoy such as crocheting, knitting, art, gardening, or anything else they can still do, encourage them to keep doing it. Participate in doing it with them.

4. Going for a Walk

Staying indoors all day isn’t enjoyable for anyone. It’s nice to feel the San Diego sunshine and a nice cool breeze of the day. If your loved one can no longer walk, then use their wheelchair to walk them around the neighborhood. Make sure that they are always wearing their sunblock, hat, and sunglasses when they go outside.

5. Having a Friend Date

When seniors cannot travel the way that they used to, relationships tend to suffer. They cannot go out to visit their friends. It’s good to help your loved one keep these friendships as strong as possible. Encourage your loved one to regularly call their friends and see about scheduling “friend dates” when you can. You may need to drive your loved one to their friends house or another place where they can spend time together.

Finding a Quality In-Home Care Provider

We realize that you may not be able to provide the comprehensive care that your loved one needs. While you love and want to care for your loved one, there may be certain times of the day where you simply may need help from a caregiver or your loved one needs a level of care that you simply cannot provide. Having a caregiver to support you can be immensely helpful to create a personalized in-home care plan that works for your family. We want to make sure that your loved one enjoys these years of their lives. Talk to our team about how The Kinship project can help to support your family.

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