Respite Care Can Add Value to Your Loved One's Life and Give You a Break 07-20-2016
20 July 2016

5 Reasons Caregivers Should Consider Respite Care

Respite Care Makes Caregiver Time Count

Respite Care Can Add Value to Your Loved One's Life and Give You a Break 07-20-2016Considering respite care can be a tough decision for families in San Diego that are taking care of seniors. It may seem counter-intuitive for you to need a break from someone that you’re so close to. Check out these reasons for considering respite care for your senior, and open a dialogue with them about their thoughts on the issue today.

1. You Need a Break

An overwhelmed caregiver is never going to be able to offer the level of quality that their senior needs if they don’t have a break every once in awhile. Many caregivers end up experiencing guilt, depression, anger, sleep disorders, and more because they’re having difficulty coping. Considering respite care will not only make sure that your senior is getting exactly what they need, you’ll also come back refreshed and ready to provide the best care that you can.

2. You Need Fun

Take some time for yourself. A few hours or days off can be the difference between being a happy, helpful caregiver and one that’s simply had enough. Make sure that whatever fun you’re having, it will help you come back as refreshed as you can possibly be. Most importantly, do this to enjoy life. Caregivers are selfless and they offer so much to the world, it’s absolutely okay to take some time for yourself every so often.

3. You’re Behind

It’s amazing how being responsible for another human life can make your schedule tough. Remember, you have to help yourself before you can help others. Consider respite care as a way for you to play catch-up in a way that doesn’t come at the expense of your senior. Treat your schedule as an important part of being a caregiver; it’s vital to your physical and mental health.

4. Get Healthy

If you can’t remember the last time you did something for your own health, it may be time to get a  respite care consultation. Taking a break will both revitalize you and help both your physical and mental health. This is a necessity if you want to be responsible for someone else’s life. It’s important to realize your ability to help your senior will be severely impaired if your head or body just isn’t where it could be.

5. Take Time for Your Dreams

Neither you, nor your senior want for you to have to sacrifice your dreams to take care of them. Taking a few days off to take that road trip or vacation that you always wanted to is a great way to remain fulfilled and feel like you’re doing yourself a service. When you’re caring for someone else, it’s easy to forget about yourself. Don’t let that happen to you for the health of both you and the one that you love.

Breathe Easier with Respite Care

While it may seem like a difficult decision to put your senior into respite care for a short or extended period of time, these reasons are great ones to do it. By taking respite you’re making yourself the best caregiver that you can be while providing everything that your senior needs to live a happy, fulfilling life.


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