Caregiver Holds Elderly Mans Hand
15 March 2017

What Do Caregivers Do?

Caregiver Holds Elderly Mans HandCaregivers are Valuable Resources in the Healthcare Industry

If you don’t know what caregivers do, the correct answer is probably, “everything but medical exams and surgery.” Some caregivers are nurses, and able to assist with some medical procedures if your loved one needs them. Caregivers are, in many ways, the foundation of the elderly healthcare industry. Many older people simply need the companionship of another person, and maybe a little extra help around the house, and caregivers can do both. Caregivers are available to aging loved ones at any time, day or night, and offer the type of support that your loved one deserves.

Care and Companionship

The basics will always be covered by a caregiver. With any caregiver, your loved one will have someone there with whom they can play board games, cards, or put together puzzles. Some will be there to assist with cooking, and some of the cleaning. Someone will be there to make sure that your loved one eats well, and stays hydrated. If your loved one is able to go for a quick walk, or a stroll down the street, your caregiver can go with them, help them stay on track, and laugh with them about old stories. Your loved one’s caregiver can also knit and watch television with them. One of the many necessities of caring for someone is simply being present to participate in the activities they enjoy, and showing them that they are valuable.

Assist with Personal Care

Many senior citizens, despite their best efforts, need a little extra help getting ready for the day, or for bed. It’s a difficult thing when you’re not able to do the basic things that you’ve always done, but caregivers give compassionate care, and it can include bathing, dressing, and toileting. Even if it is just that your loved one needs a little bit of assistance getting into the bath, a caregiver is more than happy to assist with whatever your loved one needs. After a nice bath, your loved one’s caregiver can help them get ready to take on the day or head to bed.

Reminders and Errands

One of the most important jobs of a caregiver is reminding your loved one to take their medication. Most caregivers aren’t able to dispense medication themselves, as that is the job of a medical professional. Some caregivers, though, are also nurses, and those caregivers are able to bring your loved one their medication and make sure that they take it. Regardless, reminders are incredibly helpful and important. For loved ones struggling with memory loss, those reminders could be the difference between a peaceful afternoon and a trip to the emergency room.

Provide Peace of Mind for Families

Why would you hire a caregiver in the first place? So that you know that your loved one is safe, and cared for. This is the reason that anyone working as a caregiver has work to do, and the reason that people continue to choose caregivers to attend to elderly loved ones. The peace of mind that caregivers bring can make a difference in your everyday life.

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