Lady taking care of senior citizen
15 May 2017

Talking To Your Parents About Senior Care

Lady taking care of senior citizenTips For Talking About Senior Care

It’s hard to bring up a sensitive subject with your parents, but when it comes to senior care, eventually they may need help. Knowing how to best broach the subject and what words to avoid can help you move toward a solution when you speak with your parents about different senior care options. You know your parents best and you can fine-tune these tips to meet their individual needs when it comes to the senior care discussion.

Know Your Options

Before you say anything to your parents, it is a good idea to collect information and do some research on possible solutions. You will want to work on some problem solving with them through open dialogue, but you can inform them more easily if you have information yourself. If you are going to talk about assisted living, have a few places picked out as examples. If you want in-home care, research the costs and types of help those services can provide. If your parents should no longer be driving, explore alternative transportation services to assure them that they can still get around. Having these things by your side as you approach the discussion can help you have the answers they may need.

Test The Topic

Before you are direct with your opinions on senior care, you might want to try testing the waters a bit to see if your parents are open to a discussion. Stay positive and general and see if they react defensively or openly and honestly. You could ask them how the house is and hint that it must be hard to keep it all in shape. You could ask how the car is doing and whether or not they are still driving to the market every week. If your parent seems open, ask if there’s a way you can help or tell them you want to come by and talk to them in person about the issue soon.

Choose The Messenger

You will want to consider that you might not be the best person to talk to your parents about their senior care needs. It might be better to leave the talk up to a third party that is more neutral. That could be a doctor, a family friend, or another relative. These people have a different point of view and your parent might take the message better from their perspective. Consider the options before you dive in yourself.

Look For An Opening

Instead of just bringing it up out of the blue, watch for your parents to give you clues and hints about their struggles. They might mention something about the house and how they’re having trouble cleaning or they might say the tripped and fell over the stairs the other day. These cues are openers for you to broach the subject.

Issues To Address

Some issues when dealing with senior care are minor and can easily be discussed. When it comes to larger issues, you will need to find the right time, person, and place for the talk to take place. A few such matters include:


-Assisted Living

In-Home Care


-Health Concerns

-Other Large Changes

Follow up any discussions you have after your parents have had time to think through the matter and be prepared to have a discussion at any time.


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