15 October 2017

Creating Outdoor Space For Elderly Care

Caregiver-and-elderly-woman-sitting-in-gardenTips And Benefits Of Outdoor Spaces

Well-designed outdoor spaces can work wonders for seniors. If you are caring for an aging loved one, you might want to consider creating an outdoor living space to increase their quality of life. Housing for elderly care is very important in their health and well being. Whether you are their primary caregiver or you have help with their care, you need the right space to give them the elderly care they deserve.

Outdoor Space Promotes Physical Activity

No one wants to be cooped up inside all the time, especially somewhere like San Diego where the weather is nice for much of the year. When the fall leaves start to turn, it’s important for your loved one to be able to get out and get fresh air. Even just moving from the house to the outdoor space is a physical activity and being outside might inspire them to walk around the yard a bit as well.

Outdoor Space Clamps Down On Boredom

Looking at the same rooms all day, every day would wear on anyone. Your loved one needs a change of scenery and going outside will do just that. The great thing about being outdoors is that the scenery changes all the time. There will be different birds popping in, flowers blooming, and a wide array of other things to see and every experience will be different. No more boredom allowed!

Outdoor Space Gives Socialization Options

If your loved one wants to have someone over, they may not always feel like welcoming them into their home. But they can sit outside with a neighbor and friend and have an opportunity to chat. Plus, if they sit out front, people may walk by and stop for a visit as well. They’re more likely to get the interaction they need if they are outside where they are accessible.

Creating a Comfortable Outdoor Space

As part of the elderly care process, you want to make sure you have an outdoor space that is comfortable and safe for your loved one in order to promote their use of it. There are several things you will want to do in order to allow them to enjoy it, even if you are not around to help them.

An Easy Threshold

Make sure they have a way to get outside that won’t cause falls or obstacles. If they are in a wheelchair, for example, they need a door wide enough and a flat entrance. If they are able to walk on their own, you will want railings to help them get up and over the lip of the door.

Comfortable Seating

Your loved one will want to sit outside to soak in the fresh air. They will need comfortable seats that are easy to get into and out of for their stay.


While some Vitamin D from the sun is good, your loved one won’t want to soak up too many UV rays and in California, the shade is usually more comfortable.

Kinship Project Helps With Elderly Care

Whether you need help figuring out an outdoor living space or caring for your loved one inside and out, Kinship Project is here to design a specific individualized elderly care plan for your loved one.

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