Respite Care

Young holding hand of an elderly woman outdoors.Respite Care—A Necessity, Not a Luxury

We know how overwhelming it can be to be the primary caregiver of a senior parent, Alzheimer’s or dementia patient, a spouse with Parkinson’s, or a disabled child. You’re suddenly responsible for the health and well-being of someone you love, and it can really take a toll on you, physically and emotionally.

We also know how hard it can be to ask for help and how important it is that you get the assistance and the relief that you need. Whether you need us just for an afternoon or for long-term assistance in caring for your parent or family member of any age, we can be there for you through our respite care services.

Respite Care with Kinship Project

When you need to relax and recuperate or take some “me time,” one of our professional caregivers will help you a much-needed break. Respite care is any type of short-term care, which can be either planned or on an emergency basis. Whether you need a break for a couple of hours one day, for an entire weekend, or any period in between, we can provide the security and relief you need. Our caregivers will assist with companionship, personal care services, and housekeeping services as needed.

The most important thing to remember when considering respite care services is that there’s nothing wrong with asking for assistance. You can, and should, allow yourself a little help. Let us provide you with the help you deserve. Give us a call or contact us through our site to get started.