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Below are testimonials from some of our very satisfied clients. Read these to get a feel for the type of care we provide.


“We have been receiving home health care from Kinship for our 94 year old mother, Essie, for about 10 months. This has been a rewarding experience which has allowed our mother to stay comfortably in her home. The individual caregiver that was chosen is a perfect match for our mom and goes out of her way to take care of mom’s needs and make her feel comfortable as well. We have an excellent line of communication with the caregiver and also with the Kinship management team. It should be noted that Kinship utilizes the program Basecamp for communication, where everyone involved in mom’s care can communicate and keep informed. We have been able to personalize and customize the caregiver schedule and change it as needed. We feel that the cost of this service is reasonable and well worth it. We are glad we found Kinship at the time when mom really needed the help they are able to provide.”

Victor Waters and Debbie Q.

“Kirk Hinkleman and Kinship Project are providing that priceless part of in home care service that is lacking elsewhere. For me, I want to be able to trust that anyone providing care will not only be properly qualified but also kind, compassionate and engaging. I want personalized care tailored to our individual needs and schedule. This is what Kinship Project provides. We all have the best intentions for our loved ones but with busy lives sometimes we cannot personally do as much as we wish we could. Let Kinship Project be your ‘best intentions’.”

Joy Giovanni

“With many years of assisting families to foster community connections and services, Beth provides comfort and ease in providing customized planning and supports to any family in need. Needing to reach out to a service could make for some hesitation; however, Beth is able to gather community supports with ease for your loved one and family members.”

Rebecca LaBoriel

“Kirk Hinkleman is the ultimate caring professional. We referred him to a close friend who was caring for her husband who had Parkinson’s disease. Kirk took the time to personally meet with the couple and spend several hours with the husband to really get to know him to determine the kind of companion and helper who would be a good fit. In one emergency situation, Kirk even filled in for the companion. Kirk brings this kind of respectful dedication and follow-through to other endeavors, and we were very gratified to have our friends so well taken care of.”

Shelley Anderson

“Kirk is a pioneer in his industry and an extraordinary person. There really is no comparison to The Kinship Project on the market today. In an industry that has medicalized the most basic care needs of our seniors, which alienates them from society, The Kinship Project has brought back the long missing, but essential components of compassion, dignity, and genuine relationships. This is why I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend The Kinship Project to my patients, my family, and my friends. If you are looking for home care services for seniors, look no further, you have already found the best.”

Dr. Heidi Henson

“Kirk is one of the most genuine individuals I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. I see him at least once per week and each time we connect my trust, respect and admiration grows for him. Kirk’s remarkable passion for his family, friends, faith and happiness carries over into his work on a day to day basis.

As a Financial Advisor, I work with many individuals who will experience some sort of long term disability in their life time. It is important for me to be convinced that they will receive exceptional care throughout their tough times.

I have no doubt in my mind that when the time comes for me to refer a client in need, Kirk and The Kinship Project will receive a call based on the character of their humble and sincere leader Kirk Hinkleman.”

Jamie Meronoff

“I have worked as a caregiver for Kinship Project for over 2 years. In my experience, not only will Beth Gallagher be sure to take all needs of your family into consideration while supporting your loved one, she will make sure the loved one’s individual needs are met as well. Beth has a graceful way of selecting team members specific to each person’s comforts and needs. I take pride in knowing that I am providing beautiful care for a company as wonderful as Kinship Project. Beth’s management style elicits only the best from people. That, in turn, gets the best possible care given.”

Heather Johnston

“Kirk Hinkleman is a rare combination: a community-builder, entrepreneur and natural leader. He’s an artist of human connection who expertly creates the ideal spaces, conversations and mood for even the coldest of strangers to move into warm familiarity and mutual delight. He has a unique willingness to experiment fearlessly with social, organizational and economic innovation, and an even more unique spirit to bring others along on that journey as equally-valued co-producers.

Finally, I admire and appreciate Kirk as a leader in storytelling and writing, capturing and conveying stories that touch a secret soft spot in the human heart and revives the yearning for community, mutual care, and personal responsibility that is so crucial to our advancement as a civilization.”

April Doner

“Kirk Hinkleman is one of the most caring, deeply selfless and compassionate person I have ever met in my life. Those qualities transpire into his work and the people he cares for flawlessly and make for someone I would trust with my own elderly parents or anyone I know in need of his services. His in-home care services offer more than just the “in-home care” some elderly people need, he offers himself, his compassion, his friendship and I am certain it makes a difference in the lives of the people he cares for AND their family members!”

Felicia Jerbasi

“Kirk Hinkleman is about as passionate a person as I have ever met. From the time that I have known Kirk, I can tell that he puts his heart and soul into everything he does.

The work Kirk is doing at the Kinship Project is truly amazing! He is completely revolutionizing the way senior in home care is performed. Anyone that may have friends or family that require senior in home care should give him a call. I would absolutely recommend him.”

Michael Lowary

“Beth Gallagher has supported my family member for almost ten years. What I love the most about Beth is that she genuinely cares about each person she supports—each is treated with the utmost dignity and respect for who they are and what they want for their life and care. She has consistently and wholeheartedly listened and responded to any concerns I might have had with that same respect. Beth is also very grounded and practical and able to resolve situations that require quick action beautifully—something I find particularly reassuring!”

Lisa Houghtelin

“I have been able to get to know Kirk in a few different capacities, and in each of those he has stayed true to who he really is; which is a passionate, genuine, driven, hard working person. We all strive to make a difference in the world we live in, but Kirk DOES make an impact everyday to everybody who he comes across. Its apparent that Kirk can identify with most everybody and quickly make them feel warm and comfortable. I would encourage anybody to get to know him if you get the chance and, without hesitation, put your loved ones in touch if they aren’t maximizing their happiness.”

Skyler Woodworth

“If I could choose two words to describe Kirk Hinkleman, they would be “authentic” and “genuine”. Kirk truly believes in the meaning of taking care of others and living within a community. He has a deep understanding of the quality of care that elderly people need. Kirk is dedicated to providing the best options for any individual or family who requests care from the Kinship Project.”

Amy Pamensky

“I highly recommend Kirk and the Kinship Project to anyone looking for in-home care for the ones they love. Kirk is compassionate and trustworthy and has a keen ability to work with other professionals to meet the individual needs of each of his clients. Kirk’s services provide the give of independence to his clients, which in turn, leads to a higher quality of life for his clients, as well as their families. He has worked in the human services field for over 20 years and has a wealth of knowledge.”

Matthew Odgers