About Us

Our History

In 2013, longtime colleagues, Kirk Hinkleman and Beth Gallagher, set out to provide personalized care services to seniors in need. Learn more about our history.


Our Team

For the past two decades, our founders have been focused on supporting others in need. View our qualifications and learn why we all got involved with Kinship Project.



We strive to do more than just provide a service—we aim to touch lives. Read testimonials from some of the lives we’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of.


Mission Statement

We are committed to providing respectful and customized support to seniors in their own homes. We believe that providing access to independence is the healthiest way to strengthen the quality of an individual’s life. Our services are personalized to each client, in order to create and build nurturing and healing relationships. We’ll work with you to provide your loved one with compassionate care that fits their lifestyle.

Bringing the Human Element Back to Human Services

We formed Kinship Project on the ideal that every human deserves the same amount of love, respect, and dignity. Our founders, staff, and caregivers are all focused on building meaningful relationships with anyone we are given the opportunity to serve. We partner with people to:

  • Seek compassionate relationships that evolve into quality care.
  • Value the vision for the focus person’s life.
  • Provide the flexible support they need throughout the highs and lows of their life.
  • Collaborate with resources that can enable the means to sustaining the lifestyle of their choosing.
  • Create strong, caring and creative teams of support.

Call us our contact us through our site to learn more about what a relationship with Kinship Project will do for your loved one.