Below, you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question on here or would like more information about Kinship Project, do not hesitate to contact us.


Q: How do we get started?

A: To learn more, or for a complimentary phone consultation, please call the office and one of our care experts will assist you. As a general rule, we provide a complete assessment free of charge in order to establish the best and most efficient manner in which to support your loved one.

Q: What makes Kinship Project different from other in-home care companies?

A: With our professional model, the senior and their family have a care manager, on their team every step of the way. The care manager oversees the care, constantly communicating with the family, the caregiver and, when necessary, medical and financial professionals. We believe in creating viable and sustainable teams built around each individual. (Intentional Teaming: Shifting Organization Culture, published through Inclusion Press, 2012)

Q: What are your rates?

A: Support considerations are customized for each person. Our rates and service hours can be determined when the assessment is complete.

Q: Does Medicare or long-term care insurance pay for at-home care services?

A: Most long-term care insurance policies cover services such as Kinship Project. We would need to check your specific policy. Medicare does not.

Q: How are Caregivers selected?

A: We have a very extensive hiring process, hiring only approximately 1 out of 15 applicants. We believe in hiring caregivers to work on specific teams. We hire based on qualifications as well as relationships. We will not hire a caregiver without your prior approval. You will always have an opportunity to interview any person intended to work with you.

Q: Can I always get the same caregiver?

A: We strive to offer the most continuity in the care we provide. We will make every effort to provide the same caregiver as much of the time as possible. We believe in creating a team of people that support someone, affording backup support in the event of illness or vacation time.

Q: Who pays the caregiver?

A: We pay the caregiver directly, and every caregiver is fully trained, background checked and has workers’ compensation coverage.

Q: What if my mom/dad is resistant to the care being provided?

A: We have the expertise to work with seniors and families to find the best options for all involved.

Q: What kind of services do you provide?

A: Companion care and personal care services are designed to take over or assist in the activities that elders need to be able to stay at home safely and with dignity. These may include fall prevention, medication and fluid reminders, oxygen supervision, light housekeeping, grooming or bathing assistance and running errands.

Q: What does the term “aging in place” mean?

A: This refers to the ability of any person to grow old in their own home or that of their family. It is the opposite of institutional care like a skilled nursing facility. Sometimes it may mean the ability, with extra help, to stay in an assisted living facility as well.

Q: Do you provide services in assisted living facilities or senior living residences?

A: Yes. People sometimes discover that the assistance provided in an assisted living facility is not enough to enable them to remain independent. In these cases, we provide a team member to make this possible. In some states you are allowed to hire private help in an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Q: How does the cost of Kinship Project compare with assisted living or nursing home care?

A: The average Kinship Project service runs about 1/3 the cost of an Assisted Living Facility and less than ¼ of what the skilled nursing facility would cost. Naturally, you have to take into consideration the level of support required for that individual at any facility. Costs vary from coast to coast. It is important that the flexibility and customized approach of Kinship Project allow for the person to live in his/her own environment and in his/her own style. Living in their own environment—with their own food, furniture, neighbors, pets, plants—contributes to improved life quality.

Q: How quickly can home care services be provided/started?

A: Generally services can be provided within a 3-day period and often times the same day.

Q: Can I change the schedule if I have appointments to keep?

A: Changes are easily accomplished with as little as a weeks notice. Our philosophy is to make the schedule work for the family not the agency. You and your needs come first. This is your schedule and we can flex it to meet your needs. We will do everything possible to make sure the schedule you want is the schedule that you get.

Q: How do I start home care services with Kinship Project?

A: Call our office at 619-696-1401 and request a free, full assessment at your home. We will design your support system from there and move forward on matching you with your new team.